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Midi controllers- knobs not all working

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przez JesseVoss » 13 cze 2018, o 11:35


I am using a Yamaha RM1x sequencer/remixer for my midi control in resolume. The device is awesome for this, cause I can basically "write songs" that are sequences specifically for resolume. Anyway, my problem is this. The RM1x has 8 controller knobs, each with a "shift" mode essentially giving me 16 controller knobs. However, resolume is only recognizing 7 of these. I know all of them output through the midi, as I use them to control other devices just fine. I have a roland pc-200 mkII controller keyboard controlling the rm1x as well, making for a great setup, but the fact that i can't use all the knobs is a bummer. On top of that, the seven that do work - well I have 4 in normal mode, and then 3 of those work in "shift" mode, making the top 4 knobs obsolete in resolume altogether. So i have to switch modes to control different controllers, making it impossible to, for example, control an effect parameter while fading out a channel, as these both use the same knob, just in different shift positions.

Please help.

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